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Life was good, I had a lovely wife of just seven weeks,  was enjoying singer/songwriting, along with a very rewarding "day job" in the surgical industry, and a new home which we both looked forward to enjoying But then fate was to deal us a massive blow, or rather the driver of another car decided to.  Fortunately only I was in the car at the time, but the whiplash injury I received proved to have a most devastating effect on our lives.  

Only minutes after the accident I felt a numbness in my neck, a numbness that over the next few days was to give way to pain, a pain which was to get worse and worse over the next two and a half years.  After x-rays and an MRI scan I was informed by a specialist that, as a result of the whiplash injury, two discs in my neck had virtually disintegrated and that there was nothing they could do and now, at fifty five I would never work again.

Life had become unbearably painful, my wife had to cut my food up for me, help me get dressed, wash my hair and generally look after me.  But what I didn't know was that during all this time, another surgeon who had looked at my case, had been working with surgeons in Europe, replacing damaged discs in patients spines with titanium cages.  Wow, he informed me that he felt that by replacing the two damaged discs in my neck with two titanium cages, he couldwebassets/xraycages.jpg relieve me of all my pain and, with a 95% success rate, would I like him to do it.  My hero!  For me there was only one answer.  Four months later I was admitted into the hospital and the operation was performed.  The day following the operation the surgeon came to see me and asked me to raise my arms above my head.  Brilliant, no problem, a first in over two years, and without pain. Great.

Now to get on with the job of  getting my strength, posture and life back.  The two and a half years of  virtually no upper body exercise had taken their toll.  I had been able to do my leg exercises but that was all and even then, towards the end, I couldn't be bothered to do them because of the pain I was in.  Due to the lack of exercise and muscle wastage my shoulders had drooped, my chest was flat and my back was weak. My body fat index was over 30 (classed as obese) and unfortunately much of it was harmfull "organ fat" which is very difficult to shed.   All in all I was in very poor shape. 

Whilst still in hospital, on the third day after my operation I started doing my special isometric and isotonic exercises.  The same ones I had learned and developed over the past  forty years, inspired by the likes of Charles Atlas, George F Jowett and Alexander Zass (The Amazing Samson).  Exercises that build your body naturally, as resistance training builds strength of muscles, bones and surrounding soft tissue as well as burning off stored fat. Exercises I have done routinely throughout my whole life.  I knew they would do the job, they always do no matter what your age.  These proven techniques are truly amazing and, in just twelve weeks (having to start off gently), I was back to my full strength and feeling on top of the world.

This proven exercise system is now available in the ISO-MICRO-GYM - a fifteen minute workout that can reshape and strengthen the whole body done on a daily basis. A system that really does get results. The only exercise programme I use - No weights - No gym equipment of any kind - Just the ISO-MICRO-GYM 15min. workout.

"The ISO-MICRO-GYM is a system for all ages and ability that does live up to it's claims". - Great Physical Culture Historian Gil Waldron

Get in shape/stay in shape for the rest of your life

Your worth it.

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