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Q - how big is the ISO-MICRO-GYM?
A - the ISO-MICRO-GYM is 13cm x 8cm wide and 8mm thick.

Q - how durable is the flip chart ?
A -
each page is printed on business card thickness card and laminated to resist finger marks etc. - can also be wiped with a damp cloth.
Q - I was wondering what you do for cardio exercise, ie would you recommend the usual swimming, bike, walking etc. to compliment the ISO exercising?

A - absolute - Do ly. All the activities you mention are great cardio exercise. Doing the exercises in the ISO-MICRO-GYM will give you more strength and energy to do these and other activities. As well as looking and being stronger.
Q - do you have a price for the USA?
A -  yes -please see my "contact me" page for details -  Thank you.
Q - is the exercise programme suitable for women?
A - yes, the exercises not only build muscle but also burn off stored fat fighting the ageing process in both men and women.
Q - will the exercises strengthen and thicken my wrists?
A - the exercises strengthen and build all the muscles in the arm including the wrist, so yes you will see and feel a difference, eg. my wrists are ¾" thicker than in 2000 at the time of my neck op.
How do I know? - my wrist watch bracelet has had three links put in since then.
Q - my Dad is 74 and was wondering if the ISO-MICRO-GYM is suitable for someone his age?

A -  What I would say is that now at the age of 68 I am still doing all the exercises in the programme on a daily basis and still getting great benefit from them. The flip chart has been sent out to several body builders (some ex Mr Universe) and "strong men" of the sixties, some of whom are now in their seventies and they all give it very positive comment. 

Q - how long should each rep. take, eg. pages 3 & 4 ?
A -  you're looking at between 2 & 3 seconds for each rep. 
Q - do you do any weight training at all ?
A - no - my daily exercise apart from day to day living and some DIY is purely the exercises in the ISO-MICRO-GYM.
Q - how much floor space is needed to do the exercises and do I need to buy any equipment?
A - the full programme can be done in a space less than 2 meters x 1 meter, and no , you don't need to buy any equipment.
Q - Just received your iso-micro-gym today and completed the exercises this evening. Wow! It took me about 20 minutes and I am now a sweaty, trembling wreck! I just wondered Keith, in your experience, should I be taking each rep to 90-100% max effort or hold back a bit? I don't think I could maintain that effort every day! Thank you.
A - Sounds like your doing great - just remember you can do the exercises as gentle or as dynamic as your body will allow but do not strain. See how you feel tomorrow and just ease off a bit if you feel you need to.
Q - Do you need any special equipment?
A - Best answerd by this email from Angelo of Durham. " It's so great that I can do all the excercices just with my own body. I'm very thankfull. all the best angelo"
Q - Hi there - Does this help with all parts of the body ? My bottom half is my problem when I had my two children my legs and bottom could do with a lift do you think you could help? Look forward to your reply x
A - Hi, thank you for your interest in the ISO-MICRO-GYM. In answer to your question - absolutely - the system hits all parts of the body, toning by burning body fat and building muscle tissue - the exercises also help to strengthen soft tissue and bones increasing your core strength. As far as the bottom half is concerned you will find that the exercises tone up the but as well as strengthening the back (very important), along with toning and shaping the legs. Most people feel the difference within two weeks although I have had people email me to say they felt the difference within a couple of days. Just put as much into the exercises as you can without straining on a daily basis and you will get the results. I have been doing them now for many years and the benefits never cease to amaze me.
I look forward to hearing from you
Keith Fairfield
Q - how many weeks should I do the exercises for?
A - I have been doing the daily routine now since my op. (April 2000) and still at 69 I am getting benefit from them. Before then I was doing them "fairly" routinely, especially after an illness like a chest infection or flu type virus that left you weakend I would do the exercises to regain my strength. You also find that the system tones your body and by burning fat and building muscle you also develope a great shape. You will develope a great shape by doing the system on a daily basis. The ISO-MICRO-GYM is a life time and life changing system.

 Q - Hi Keith,I perchased the iso micro gym on the 8th 15 and I'm delighted its just what I'm looking, however just a question I have regarding some of the exercises, a couple of examples would be, exercise one and or the shoulder exrciee on page five. Do you resist the movement both ways, eg the bicep excise we are told to resist as we curl to the shoulder, so do we resist on the way down, or eg the opposite direction, again I'm pleased with it an look forward to your reply. 

A - Many thanks for your email and positive comments. Regarding the exercises eg. the curl, by all means resist on the downward motion . This will give you the added benefit of working and developing the triceps and other muscles. You can also adopt similar "reverse" resistance to some of the other exercises ie. page 7 and page 8. I hope this answers your question but if there is anything else please don't hesitate to email me.
I love to hear from people who are taking the system seriously as I know that they are going to get a lot out of it with some great results
NB. - The muscles affected by doing the "reverse" resistance in exercises on page 3, 7 and 8 are also taken care of in the exercises on page 4 and 5. 

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